How many movies can one see in a lifetime?  Is the Cinema an alternate reality haunted by dreams and strange or beautiful phantoms?  What goes through one’s mind as the lights dim in the theatre?  As the images first start to hit the screen? Does it feel good, sitting with a crowd of strangers?

Has there ever been a symphony composed of the clickings of an old movie projector?  Do any two people see the same movie?  Whatever happened to the short subject?  Can films help teach us how to live?  How not to live?

All these questions, and more, may someday be touched upon in these postings.  I think I see a long road ahead, good.

I love the older films best, yet admit that there have been some excellent movies since 1980.

I’ll try to write toward film history, individual films and more.  As usual, all comments are appreciated.

Check out my other blogs too: one on art, visual art and cultural criticism, one on a wide variety of topics, not so narrowly focused as its siblings and one on music.  Enjoy!

Maurice Greenia, Jr.     27 March 2009

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Don Handy Says:

    Inneresting. I especially like the question “Do any two people see the same movie?”

    I find that the movies I appreciate most are ones that never got any big publicity, and which I happen to come across on cable, preferably towards the beginning. I also appreciate movies about real people, by which I don’t mean documentaries, just accounts about lifestyles that I would otherwise be blind to.

    Lux Interior once commented something along the lines that the actors in B-movies were actually better, as they had to work harder in order to put the film across. I think what he meant was not that they were necessarily the best actors, but that they couldn’t simply coast through a movie on the basis of their pretty face, as so many big-name stars do.

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    Thanks Don.

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