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Classic Silent Movies and Film Noir in Detroit

September 23, 2016

I love the Detroit Film Theatre and the Redford Theatre.

But why did they have to schedule the most essential programs on their current schedules on the same weekend?

For the true cineaste or film fanatic, silent films and film noir are both essential viewing.

The Alloy Orchestra are on their 25th anniversary tour!  They’ve been performing at the Detroit Film Theatre for many years.

My pick hits are Variety from 1925 and The Man with A Movie Camera from 1929.  They’re both films that I’ve seen less often than the other two. Metropolis is always great to see.  L’inhumaine is also excellent.  I’ve seen it with the Alloy Orchestra score on “home video.” They’re showing it while I’m at work, so that’s out.  I’ll get to what I can.

From the 1925 film "Variety"

From the 1925 film “Variety”

There’s also the film noir festival at the Redford Theatre.  It’s going by the moniker of Noir City.  There are three well-known films The Killers, Lady from Shanghai and Double Indemnity. There’s one well-known but hard to see film 99 River Street.  Then there are two rescued obscurities, The Prowler and Woman on the Run. Then, as a late night screening, they’re showing Blue Velvet.  I’d love to see any or all of these, except perhaps Blue Velvet.  This is only because I’ve seen it onscreen recently.  I’ll get to what I can.

It’s an embarrassment of riches!  It never fails.  Things are dead for weeks, then there are a whole group of great things going on at the same time.

This time though, if you love “classic film” get out and check it out.