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methods of watching #1

May 7, 2009

Yes we see through our eyes, we catch the sound through our ears, we catch the spirit through our hearts.

Hooking up to culture electronically can take on many forms. 

Watching DVDs can be very different from watching film off of VHS tapes.  Watching film on the computer is something I haven’t really got into yet.  Obviously,  using the computer monitor to view video is extremely popular.  It seems to be here to stay.  Don’t talk to me about trying to watch a movie on your telephone!  The image quality seems like it’d always be too poor and too tiny.

Watching film in a theatre is the best way, in ways.  If it’s something good, in a good print and projected well, it can be bliss!  Yet watching movies on TV instead can be essential.

Some films, you’d like to see, but you don’t really care whether or not you see them onscreen.  Thus, you just wait for the DVD.  Then there are films you really want to see, but it’ll be years before it’ll come around on the screen again. Thus you settle for watching them on a television set.

Collage College #3

Recently I tried watching a foreign film with tiny, hard-to-read subtitles.  The solution was to move my chair closer to the screen.  It worked fine.

If you don’t have a high quality and/or large screen TV, it’s good to sit a little closer now and then, to get a clear and direct view.

It’s always good to watch an entire film in one sitting, but DVDs make it easier to watch movies in “chapters.”  Some players automatically “hold your place” when you shut them down.  Turn it on again, and you’re right back where you left off.  to be continued…..

(One last point: DVD players will play audio CD’s.  When my very old and primitive CD player finally went kaput, I was having trouble finding a new one.  I finally broke down and got a $30 DVD player.  It plays my music through my stereo just fine.  The only problem is that you don’t have the TV screen, to tell you what track you’re on.  So if you want to select a track, or pick up where you left off, it can be a bit of a chore).